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Thread: AWB support at all-time low

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK SD9 Tactical View Post
    Hopefully the Queen could/should end up like Anne Boleyn or Marie Antoinette.
    She's earned that fate and more...

    Μολὼν λάβε

    "Basic ain't quantum physics." ~akitainu

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    Yes, it is at a low for support by the people.
    Some may have missed the role of media in this - 110% support for a new ASW by the msm.
    Our Senators and Represenitives go to DC and become steeped in liberal east coast ideals - they are happy to disavow their constituent's values. They become rich snobby elites who would not want to shake your hand because you are among the unwashed.
    We have, likely, a continuation of the Lawless Obama Administration in Hillery.
    My point being this report does not make me feel secure in my "Right" to own firearms.
    Imagine if Bill and Hillary get to load the Supreme Court.
    Our Government increasingly acts against the law and against the people: two sets of law - one for them, another for us. The press acts as subsidiary of the DNC and Sorros/Bloomberg et al.
    Our opinions don't matter, plain and simple.
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    I've hedged my bets, purchasing my stuff before the election. Those that know me are aware that I'm a 2A advocate but I don't make a big deal out of my collection. I just hope that HRC doesn't "win" the election and institute draconian measures...

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    Government doesn't care what we think. They "know" what we need. And damn it, we will like it!!!
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    Jan. 20, 2017 Obama leaves.

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