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Thread: CCW On Military Bases

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    CCW On Military Bases

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    I'm all about it, but I doubt this will apply to retirees. Which sucks because I have to leave my weapon at home if I think I may want to travel on base for any reason.

    The funny thing is that they sell guns and ammo on base. I bought a pistol and ammo last year, and I joked with the clerk because he had to carry the firearm to the door and hand it to me outside of the BX. I asked him "Is this a safety thing? What would prevent me from going to my car, loading up this gun with the ammo I just bought, and walking back inside to shoot someone?"
    The guy just laughed and said "absolutely nothing, but these are the rules I have to follow."
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    It's a good start, but I find it somewhat odd that the Military is acquiescing to individual state law regarding CC permits. They seem to like to set their own rules and ignore trivial state concerns.
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    I agree, a step in the right direction and hopefully the details get worked out in favor of our troops so they can carry while on base. Seems fundamental and about time!

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    Agreed, about time. Common sense to be able to defend oneself.

    I wonder what would have happened at FT. Hood if this were in place.
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