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Thread: The future of 5.7 x 28 ammo

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    This caliber shines at 45gr and under. There's really not any traditional JHP in this caliber. There's a couple all copper hollow points that do expand, but they're under 40gr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omnislug View Post
    now if it just stop raining buckets.
    It will in July Maybe May if we are lucky.
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    yesterday was glorious, some squashes don't like me much anymore, tested 195 lr-198lr for the first time,winter squash lost most of it's insides so now i'm a bit more confident in these rounds. Yeah SKI19, I adore it here and wouldn't live anywhere else it's paradfise but it does sometimes hamper my range time, 6 feet of rain a year ohhhhyyeeaaahhhh.
    I was going to ask this same thing about what's the heaviest projectile that could be safely/efficiently shot from the ps90. wonder why there aren't more of the heavier loads available. could you get a 45gr. bullet up to 2000 fps or more safely BUFFMAN? certainly would make it hit a lot harder, I think I read somewhere that the common rounds produce about 50,000 psi, i'm not familiar with how much projectile weight affects psi, should get a good gunsmithing book and learn more..
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