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Thread: Does anyone mix your ammo in your mag for self defense

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    But you can't count on a quick, close, dirty gunfight. Especially if you are in Law Enforcement, a friend of mine was involved in a shootout where one Officer was already killed. The scumbag was carrying an AK with several drums and was shooting at anything that moved. He had also shot five civilians.

    My friend was pinned down behind a patrol car and finally turned to the Officer next to him and said "Screw this, I'm taking him out"

    He fired a round of .45 acp from his HK USP striking the killer in the frontal lobe killing him instantly. The distance was ​47 YARDS!

    Thats a difficult shot on the range, much less under fire.
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    damn that is some skills! I'm sure I couldn't do it without being under fire! I have mixed ammo, but 195-198 definitely are the most effective till I can make my own loads.
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