5.7x28mm T194 H.P. Green Tip Training ammunition

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    5.7x28mm T194 H.P. Green Tip Training ammunition

    5.7x28 : KY Imports Inc, 502-244-4400

    I was looking for 27 round G21 mags and found this website kyimports which is only 10 miles from my house.
    I remember when they got shut down for some no no gun sells about 10 years ago.I stopped in when they were back open aboput 3 yrs and they want $120 for a PS90 mag but I did buy a 40round ar15 mag,but it looks like they have alot of old ammo.

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    The T194 was replaced by the SS192 for a reason. The primers on the T194 were hit and miss. Sometimes they will go boom and sometimes they won't. Good for collecting and not much more.

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    And they certainly aren't 2300 fps from the FSN..

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