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Thread: Walther PPK/S .22 - Gun Review

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    Walther PPK/S .22 - Gun Review

    Saw one yesterday at local gun store. Picked it up - $425. Put my money on the table and went home.
    Please consider that this is a personal opinion - however - after 30 years of handling guns, I think I have a pretty good opinion on what is/is not good quality.

    I own a PPK/S .380 made by S&W - and that gun is perfect. All SS, machined, sharp edges - just they way I like a PPK.

    The Good:
    1. Almost non-existent trigger reset. Better than a stock 1911.
    2. Comes threaded.
    3. Nice German eagle laser etching.
    4. Made in Germany.

    Now The bad:
    1. It has nothing to do with SS. The whole gun and parts are MIM.
    2. The finish is some sort of baked on paint at worst - cheap imitation hard chrome at best.
    3. Double action trigger is about 100lb
    4. Slide to frame fit is - as you would expect from cast/mim parts - gross.
    5. Plastic front sight.
    6. Almost as cheaply made as an airsoft replica.
    7. Slide milling marks (as pictured on Walther web site) are just for looks. It's all MIM.


    1. DO take every gun apart before purchase - no matter what the salesman says. I'm never buying another gun without first doing due diligence - even when new.
    2. DO NOT believe manufacturers literature verbatim. This gun may be SS - but poured/cast - cheap SS.
    3. At $425.00 - I was expecting German milled precision. I bought a new PPK/S at that coin - I expected this gun to be the same. WRONG!
    4. Germans are capable of manufacturing junk - much like China, so if you are expecting a SS PPK/S in .22 just like your .380 - you may be disappointed.

    This gun is worth maybe $200.00. At that price point, I would be willing to overlook the cheesy materials/fit & finish.

    And finally - gun store took the gun back the same day without any $$$ loss to me - save for the gas and time.



    Walther: http://www.waltherarms.com/products/handguns/ppks-22/
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    Greatly appreciate the review. I actually had looked at one of these at the LGS and was considering one. Cross that one off the list. It was between this and one of the Lipsey's edition new Ruger Bearcats. Glad I went with the Ruger now.

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    Ive been looking at these, had a WWII era PPK that what stolen and have always wanted another PPK 22..... wish it had been better news....
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    FWIW: worst gun I ever owned, I hated it!
    would only feed FMJ, bit on every shot, weak caliber, and these days you can get something like a Nano that is a far superior weapon
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    lol at least they got the DA trigger pull right; 380 PPK/S DA pull is crazy heavy.
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    Thanks for helping me avoid a mistake.

    I just hate it when some (most?) companies offer a .22 version but make it "cheaper" than the big brother version. I understand this in airsoft, but not .22
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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    you can get something like a Nano that is a far superior weapon
    Do they make the Nano in .22?
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    Thanks for the nice write-up. Of all my guns, I still don't have a .22 pistol. I guess I can cross another contender off the list.
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