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Thread: Had it for years, but what is it????

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    Had it for years, but what is it????

    I have an apparently Mauser based FN rifle that I "think" was produced in the 1950s. I bought it so long ago that I do not remember who I bought it from, where I bought it (retired military so have lived all over the world) and I am wondering about when it was made and what value it might have. It is marked FN inside of a double sort of oval circle on the top of the front receiver ring and both front and rear of the top of the receiver are drilled for scope bases. There are no cut outs in either the left side of the receiver or the front of the rear receiver ring. The bolt release is on the left side of the receiver and pivots at the rear, outward at the front. Somewhere along the line, the trigger was apparently changed to a "Timney". The are are no sights on the barrel, nor any tapped holes on the barrel where a sight could be mounted. The barrel is marked near the chamber end with cal 30-06 and then below that, proceeding from front to rear: a symbol very like ^ over a reversed P, then a crown over the letter R, then a stylized image of a lion standing above a line over the letters P.V, below which is what I think is a proof mark consisting of the letters E L G and a star all surrounded by an oval enclosure that has a crown on the top of it. The left side of the front receiver ring has some of the same marks on it in order from front to rear: a ^ over a reversed P followed by again the stylized lion above a line which has the letters P.V below it. The last thing in this grouping is a small symbol that appears to be an obelisk sort of monument standing on a three-tiered base. Further toward the rear of the receiver and under the open top area are the words "FAB.NAT.D'ARMEES DE GUERRE HERSTAL-BELGIQUE. The serial number is five digits long and is 420XX. This serial number appears on the bottom side of the bolt handle (which has a knob that is checkerd on the underside), on the left side of the front ring of the receiver, on the right side of the chamber area of the barrel and then again in the barrel channel of the stock, which is made of a lighter wood in quite nice shape with apparently hand cut checkering, has a black pistol grip cap retained by a single central screw and a black plastic butt plate that bears the stylized FN logo. The stock has a cross bolt that passes through the area where the rcoil lug is and appears to be a support for the rear of the recoil lug. The bolt has been engine turned, but I do not know if that is original or was added. The bolt shroud is bare metal and the two position safety is mounted on the top rear of the bolt shroud, point to the left. I will see if I can stick a picture in here. Can anyone either tell me what it is and what year it was made and possibly the value or maybe tell me what reference books might enable me to figure this out? I know that this has been kind of a long, drawn out and detailed description, but I wanted to include all markings as I do not know which are useful in the identification process and which are not. Please either PM me on this site or email me at doninreno@sbcglobal.net THANKS!

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    Didn't FN make a bunch of these for Israel?

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    Thank you for your service!!!
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    I'm no help here but wanted to say thanks for your post and welcome to the forum.

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    Sounds like a FN Deluxe Sporter Model. Basically a sporterized version of the Model 1950(an update of the Model 1927/30 based on the 98k Mauser). Nothing really special about them. A lot of them all over the world. Value? Maybe $500 to $800, depending on condition. The Model 1950 was only made for a few years after WWII. When the Belgium Military went to Semi-Auto only, FN continued to build hunting rifles with the 1950 action. Some where built for Browning, others where built for various department stores(JC Higgins/Sears) and where thus roll-marked. If yours doesn't have any other roll-marks, then it would probably be an FN model sold in the European market. Not sure for how many years of production for the sport rifles.

    Hope this helps,

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    Without more pics I will agree with ervdrvr. Its not model 1948 cause it has no bridge hump and the safety puts it not a supreme ( from what I can see) Look on the lower middle of the right side of the receiver ring for a date symbol. It is a very nice barrelled action you have there don.

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