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    FAL Parts Gun

    I recently bought an old Century Thumbhole FAL Sporter with a thumbhole stock. I sent it to Entreprise to have a muzzle brake installed and I bought a wood stock set from Silver Crescent Industries.

    The receiver says "L1A1 Sporter Cal .308 CAI St. Alb VT" and the serial number is "100xxx." It appears to be milled and is cut for metric magazines although some of the parts are from an L1A1. The receiver looks pretty good and is parkerized a dark gray color.

    I bought it with a SUIT.

    I know we're supposed to beat up on Century but it's not a bad rifle. I have really only fooled around with it a little at the range but after zeroing I was able to reliably hit 12 inch steel plates with the iron sites at 300 yards and I wasn't really trying. It functioned perfectly on a low gas setting with both Pakistani surplus 7.62 and Tulammo .308.

    The wood stock set from Silver Crescent is mediocre at best. Fits poorly and is kind of crude. The pistol grip is non-symetrical. Sorta' wished I'd spent 40 bucks more for an Ironwood set but I waited seven weeks for it and it's not worth returning it.

    I have shot a FAL Sporter without a muzzle brake. The Entreprise brake works very well and significantly softens both recoil and muzzle climb. It looks pretty good, too.

    I haven't used the SUIT yet. It came without the tritium vial of course. I just put a plug in it as I don't shoot at night and don't feel like spending any more money on it for an LED.

    The trigger pull is about 70 pounds which leads me to my questions:

    Short of cutting the trigger plunger spring, is there any way to lighten the trigger?

    Are there any aftermarket aperture sites for the FAL. The current aperture is huge and the sights are hard to adjust.
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    Its really luck of the draw with Century. Sounds like you have one of the franken-fal's that's a mix of metric and inch parts. I have one of the G1 builds from them and my only issue is my gas port in the barrel is a bit too big. I'm not aware of any after market sights or a way to lighten the trigger. You could get some railing and put whatever sights you want on it. The design of the trigger doesn't lend itself to lightening easily.

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    Would probably disassemble the lower group and clean the fcg and replace those springs with a regular set from either DSA or Falcon Arms. Might find that it feels much better after the cleaning and new springs.
    Oh and I would use a good gun grease on the fcg engagement points. That can help as well.


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