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Thread: A new problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakerdude View Post
    Maybe it was just tears from losing to NC... I've been looking about having that done. I have one on a Beretta Neos, and I like it. Who should I send my slide to? Budget keeps me in the Burris Brand. I'd like to just Mail off the slide and buy everything from them, and have them mount it. Who should I go to gents?
    You don't have to send off your slide for mounting. The Five-Seven slide has a polymer cover over a metal slid and I do not think there is enough material to mill away for a direct mounting of the RD sight.

    However, if you go to FiveSevenRedDot.com, they offer a mount for RD sights that will replace your rear adjustable sight and attach in the same place and provide a platform to attach a RD sight. I have bought mine from there and it works well. Some have had some results of the additional mass causing feed issues, but not in all cases/user experience.

    It is worth checking out. BTW, it is the MKII version of the FiveSeven.
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    I have the mount from FiveSevenRedDot for the Delta Point Pro. I had 1 or 2 hiccups early on for some reason, but the last several hundred rounds have been flawless.

    One item to consider is the weight of the red dot itself - there is a lot of range to the weights and you can research the differences online.

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    I like your description of "point and shoot". My service pistol has such poor sights that I am basically just aiming down the back of the slide. But I can still qualify 249 of 250 on my range days.

    My eyes are going bad because of cancer treatments, and I'm finding it now impossible to get lenses that deal with both the sights and the target. Finding the front sight and letting the rest fall into place is working. So far.

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