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Thread: Real advantages between FNS & FNS-C

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    Hello: I agree with you. I recently purchased the FNS-9C (FDE) and that model requires training to efficiently manipulate the magazine release. I love the firearm, and I am able to do multiple head shots at 25yrds with ease. The gun is very accurate and functional. However, one must train with it to get acclimated with the magazine release. I managed to train myself to use my middle finger, which requires huge grip adjustment, but I have been able to perfect it and it works. I also think the magazine release needs to be broken in.
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    So I took it out and put a few hundred rounds through it. I'm just as accurate with it as my full size and it conceals almost as well as my PM9, so it's now my EDC. I have 9 FS mags so I bought a few sleeves for them and two extra extensions for the 12rd mags.
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