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Thread: Range Report! New FNS-9 owner

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    Any updates for us?

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    Based on all the issues the OP has reported and this is his first pistol (hand gun) he is returning the firearm to FNH USA, again, for repair or replacement and will sell it. He may keep it but I think he has run out of patience with FNH USA. Note: Round count is low so cleaning will do nothing; Last OP activity 02/04/17. CBAG I wish you the best.
    Ex cineribus resurgam

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    CBAG sorry to hear about all your troubles mate.

    I can only add that after about 20k trigger reps my 9L trigger would not reset every time. I took down the Striker assembly and found the striker reset spring had destroyed its self and was about 1/3 the original length.
    My 4" FNS is at about 17k trigger reps and the reset has been getting weaker - both are headed to the factory for some TLC - I'm not 100% but in my experience it seems the trigger reset and the striker reset spring work together.

    Anyone more mechanically inclined please correct me if I'm wrong.

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