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Thread: FNS 9c Mag Button : Swap

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    FNS 9c Mag Button : Swap

    So like many FNS9c owners, i wanted to change out the new slim mag release. I went to this thread : FNS 9c Mag Release Button Change, which is a great video so I wont cover anything in that. However, i do like the new mag release only i wish it poked out a wee bit more. So i swapped out the mag release with the one from my FNX9. Worked great no complaints other than i wanted the larger release on the FNX as well (so demanding, aren't I?). Well, i called up FN, spoke with a rep who told me the mag release was on back order and would ship out soon enough. so after a about 2 weeks i got it in the mail. So today (2-27-17) i got my firearms, cleared them, got the tools and went to work.

    After swapping out the mag release i noticed a few changes, for me i use the flat backstrap on the FNX but the curved on the FNS9c, so the smaller release feels fine in the FNX. However understress i think this may cause concern which is why i wanted the wider one back in the FNX.

    Original mag release installed:



    So it swapped out fine. all is well in the world (or is it?)

    FNX9 with FNS9c mag release

    FNS9c with FNX9 mag release

    So i install the new Mag release that came in and it doesnt fit. Wtf?

    The new release is really lose, infact has a gap and when pressed it tends to want to "turn" or "rotate". some times it wont press in at all.

    Notice it rotating upwards.

    notice the gap in the front of the mag release

    So i took it all apart and started trying to figure it out. this is what ive figured out.

    The notch in the front is from the "new" (left) mag release is missing the front "wall" that the original (right) FNX has.

    at first i thought it was my eyes, but then i notice from this view, the new mag release (left) is much wide than the original FNX mag release.

    So i then put all 3 together and thats when i notice the big difference. the FNS9c (Left) FNX9 (Middle) and the new release (Right), the face of them where it makes contact with the mag release spring and frame of the pistol are totally different on the "new" one. Im wondering which one this is for, maybe the FNS9 full frame or FNS40? or even the FNX45?

    None the less, i put the 9c back in my FNX so its at least functional. I will call the pro shop and talk with someone there and see what i can find out for the item number / answers over all.

    just wanted to share this experience with everyone incase anyone else runs into this.
    Will update as time/answers/fixes come along.
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    Update 1:
    Spoke with the Pro shop, the item number checks out for the FNS9 mag release button. He's obviously not sure which one they physically sent, and suggested I speak with the person who made the original order.

    So I called Jackie, back at FN parts sales in SC. She's looking up the original order, and will contact me back with a coordinator. Item on her end did show same thing via part number before we hung up. So I'm wondering if maybe warehouse goofed and sent the wrong one by mistake?

    after using the parts diagram on Midwest Guns, the mag release matches to the FNP45 based on pictures.

    Now to hurry up and wait.

    (edited for typos)
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    NiCr0, thanks for posting. I've been looking for a replacement release for my 9c so keep us informed as to the outcome. I'm curious to know is some models don't use the same release.
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