Took the new FNS-9 out for its first range visit...

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Thread: Took the new FNS-9 out for its first range visit...

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    Took the new FNS-9 out for its first range visit...

    Took the new FNS-9 out for its first range visit last Friday.
    Man, what a sweet FTFs or FTEs, ran flawlessly out of the box.

    Did have one cause for concern though. After the first 3 mags the slide and take down lever were rather warm.
    After putting another 100rds down range, I couldn't even touch them.
    Was a little worried, as this has not happened with any of my other pistols...and my thumbs forward grip puts it right on top of the take down lever.
    So, I came home and did a little research both here on the FNForum and online.
    Seems it is a semi-common issue...couldn't find any real practical resolution other than let it cool down.

    So, I took it back out again yesterday.
    Again, it ran flawlessly. However, I decided to take it a little slower and not sling so much lead so quickly, and I left the slide back while reloading the mags between sets.
    It did make a vast difference...while it did still get warm, it was easily manageable.

    Also, I read there was an issue with pre-2014 FNS-9s...mine has a package date of 8/2013.
    Would appreciate any additional information some of you may have on this.

    Thanks for reading and have a swell day!
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    Both parts warming up is normal. The only old issue in the pre-14 range I'm aware of is the trigger "freezing" forward, which to me is a non-issue unless you MANUALLY push the trigger forward when it's empty. All three of of my full sized FNSs are pre-14s and I can't duplicate the issue unless I manually push the trigger forward. I've fired several thousand out of my 9mm FNSs without any problems. I've fired almost a thousand out of my 40 now and never had a problem. I just bought an FNS9-C and fired several hundred flawless rounds.
    Shoot it, clean it and enjoy!
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    Thank you for the additional information ohsheepdog, much appreciated!

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    My fns9 also gets warm after several hundred rounds of use and seems to be normal. I've put well over 10k of rounds through my fns9 with no issues.
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