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I will not consider the FN 509 until FNH USA proves they are not going to drop the MSRP like they did the on the FNS which screwed over the owners who purchased the pistol early on. Additionally, aftermarket support must be there if not there is no point and people need to be able to purchase consumables like recoil spring assemblies or parts. Finally, FNH USA screwed over the customers whom purchased the FNP-45 Tactical which was on the market for a very short time and not to mention the FNP owners. I realize the need to come out with improved products but not at the expense of the customer and at least build a product that can be in the market place for at least 10+ years. The FNP was introduced in 2006 then the FNX was introduced in 2010 (FNX replaced FNP) and the FNS was introduced in 2012 then the FN 509 was introduced in 2017 (FN 509 a replacement for the FNS?). Will there be a FN 509C or Longslide 5”? The sad thing is I was not an early adopter because I wanted the market to stabilize but I still got nailed on the FNS price drop, but it is only money that can be replace, at least until you retire (unless you have a large retirement fund or won the lottery).
The same can be said for any firearm early in it's release. I paid over $440 for an M&P Shield when it first released and now you can buy the same pistol for $225 after a $75 rebate, since they are blowing them out to make room for the 2.0 I'd guess. Firearms are like computers as they tend to be devalued/obsolete from the day you leave the LGS with them(with exceptions of course). If you want the newest, coolest gun then buy it knowing it won't be the newest, coolest for long... just another hazard of our disposable society I guess?