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Thread: Grips

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    My one and only gun is the FNS-9. Use it for everything. It is my everyday carry and doing USPSA with it.

    So the question. Considering upgrading the grip. Seems I have a few choices. Of course if you know of something else please do tell.

    Considering the Traction grips from Amazon for $10

    Also two choices from Talon grips. Both styles $20.
    One is rubber grip which is easy on the skin when carrying.
    But I don't know if they become slippery when out in the Florida sun with sweaty palm during USPSA matches.
    Will they still be good for enhancing the grip? Seems some folks have had them peeling off. Just don't know if that is bad prep, clean chems or excessive heat?

    Talon has the granulated grip, again for $20.
    Seem like it really got some grip to and would hold up well on sweaty Florida hands.
    But some claim they are rough for when conceal carrying.

    Would like every honest opinion or if they have another option.

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    The Talon granulated grips are my choice for shooting but will shred a t-shirt after a few brisk walks. Second choice is Talon rubber. I've had them peel up in the corners after a few years but a dab of silicone sealant and an overnight clamp cured it permanently. For 20 bucks they are nicely cut for an attractive fit.
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    I started out using the rough grips from Talon but eventually switched to the rubberized, they grip very well even in hot sweaty weather. There are some on ebay Boo Dads I think is the name. Cheaper and work well too.
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    I use the Talon granulated grips on my FNS. I really like them. I haven't conceal carried it except for in a shoulder rig a couple times I guess, but yeah it could be rough on the skin I would think. The price is low enough to try the rubber grips out first. If I were going to conceal carry it I think it would be worth a try. I've never used the rubber Talons b4, but was tempted to get them because they just look good lol. The way they mold to the pistol, I'm thinking they would have better traction than the rubber wrap around grips like Hogue, but that is pure speculation on my part - I'd look up some reviews on them.
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    I got the Talon rubber grip on my FNS9C and all the magazines, and its great. I can't recommend it enough. Some pics if you want to see it:

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    I have Talon rubber on most of my carry guns. I highly recommend them, the gritty ones are tough on one's skin.

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