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Thread: Traction Grips

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    Traction Grips

    I purchased and installed a set of Traction Grips for my FNS-9. Purchased from Amazon for $10.

    Level of difficult is 2 out of 5. Hard part was alignment. Do not use fingers when pressing into place with a heat source. You might wind up smoothing out the ridges.

    The feel is like a soft rubber jelly. The FNS-9 is smooth on the part where the thumbs go. The traction grips extend into that area.

    Think it will improve my grip 10% to 20%.

    Going to the range later today to test how they feel.

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    Have them on my FNS9C and a few other of my handguns and love them.

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    I recently bought the same stuff from amazon for my ps 90, really love how it feels but it's challenging to get it right on all the curves. Put some on my other guns too and it's definitely improved the grip on m&p 15-22, it's worth what I spent on it and I still have plenty left over

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    Good Post! I have Talon, BoDads or Traction grips on all the polymer pistols I own with the exception of my FNS-9C.

    We are still getting used to each other and I am not yet sure if I will put a grip on it.

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