Shot my FNS-9C at a match last night...

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    Shot my FNS-9C at a match last night...

    I was well pleased. Everything worked fine.

    We shoot an indoor match every other Thursday, we used to be IDPA but now have our own game at 7 indoor and 2 outdoor matches (GADPA).

    Last night was our "shoot what you carry) night where we ask everyone to shoot the gun they actually carry and how they carry. We do have some restrictions because or range and GADPA rules.

    We try to make the stages more small gun friendly on these night with no movers, less targets and less rounds but still a fun night with four stages, the last being a Hollywood Head Shot which is a head visible above a friendly, one shot only from 20 yards.

    I used my Black Point Tactical holster made for my CZ P-07. I just had to adjust the tension a little.
    I added a DP Fiber Optic front sight and blacked out the white dots on the rear. The FNS worked fine, magazine release still a little tough but trigger is smoothing up nicely.

    I ended up 6 out of 19 but would have been 2nd if I had realized a far target needed one more shot but that is the way it goes.

    I bought a new DeSantis Cozy Partner on ebay for $30 and am going to try carrying with it. It is made for a Glock 19 but fits fine and will get better with a little stretching.

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    Cool to hear. That is a good time indeed, and practical.

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