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Thread: Cleaning Products for FNS-9C

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    Cleaning Products for FNS-9C

    Hi All,

    I just purchases an FNS 9C and got differing bits of advice on how to clean it (first time gun owner).

    The shop I bought the gun from gave me winchester cleaning and lubricant. I noticed though that after using it, it would discolor my gun (residual oil) and over oil the gun. It was also annoying to use because it was in a spray form. A few days later, I went to a range and spoke with the shop owner there and she told me to use Hoppe's No.9 bore cleaner and Hoppe's No.9 lubricating oil. Is this a better option? Also, she said to use the bore cleaner on the whole gun (inside and out) and that it would not hurt the polymer. Is this true also? I just don't want to damage my gun.

    Thank you!

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    I prefer Hoppes #9 bore cleaner for the barrel and also use it on the detached slides interior areas. I came to appreciate their oil after talking to a local 1911 manufacturer but for decades I have used Mobil One. Birchwood Casey also makes a scrubless aerosol cleaner marked safe for polymer components, which can be sprayed deep into the frames components if you must emphasis must. I prefer to use an old toothbrush with regular oil to 'wipe' clean areas after each outing. Welcome to the forum.

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    I use non chlorinated brake cleaner (same as Birchwood Casey powder blast at 25% of the cost) to clean the barrel and remove oil. Then hoppes oil and/or OTIS CLP. Thats it. The brake cleaner does a fantastic job at removing crud
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