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    My Shooting Impression of the FNS 9mm and the FNS 40 caliber

    Acquired both guns the other day and took them to the range immediately. Liked the feel of both. They fit my hand well. Good ergonomics design! (Let me also say I am a 1911 lover so this is my gold standard which I measure many polymer pistols by and I have owned and shot quite a few extensively.)
    I had no failures to feed, eject or fire with either FNS pistol. I shot 150 rounds through each pistol at this initial session.
    I shoot a plate rack at the indoor range because it requires good concentration to hit those plates and gives me immediate feedback on how well the pistol feels in my hand and shoots for me. Shooting that rack is difficult with any pistol. I get the feel of a pistol fast and with just a few runs. Unfortunately, it does not give any information on pin point accuracy; but that is not what I am trying to determine at my first range session with a pistol.
    I was disappointed with the trigger on the FNS 9mm. It had a lot of creep, was gritty, mushy, and did not lend itself well to shooting the plate rack. It did have a short reset. The trigger left much to be desired. I do not know if this will improve with more shooting.
    I recently read an article on the FNS 9mm in the current issue of the magazine " Combat Handguns." The article said that the trigger was 7lbs. It felt much lighter than 7lbs.
    Since I had watched a You tube video of an FNS salesman touting the excellent trigger and short reset on the new FNS and comparing it to a 1911, you can see why I was disappointed. I do not know if this trigger is on all FNS 9mm or I just got a bad one.
    Next I shot the FNS 40 caliber. It had an excellent trigger. It had just a little creep and broke very cleanly and did not feel like a heavy trigger. The short reset made it a pleasure to shoot. I was very pleased with the trigger on this pistol. It has quickly become one of my favorite pistols and will certainly serve well as a ccw pistol. I particularly like the thumb safety on the pistol ( I do not feel comfortable with a Glock out of a holster and have several friends that have ditched them because they had NDs with the Glocks. I prefer a pistol with a safety). The FNS 40 felt real good in the hand. The barrel on the FNS is about the same size as my Glock 19 with the grip being much bigger. The 40 is quite compact and shoots well. The sights are very visible and I see no reason to change them ( I usually change the sights on pistols I purchase to either a fiber optic, tru glos, Warren Sevigny sights, or Novak fiber optics ). The FNS 40 pistol gave me very little muzzle flip which is the usual complaint of shooters of 40 caliber pistols. It has excellent ergonomics for the caliber and was easy to control.
    I discovered I had a leather Glaco high ride holster which fit both pistols very well. It looks like it may have been originally for a Glock ( I also carry my HK 45 in this holster). I also discovered that my Comp tac holster for my S&W M&P also fit the FNS fairly well.
    To sum it up I am very pleased with the excellent and highly visible sights on both pistols, the ergonomics of both pistols which makes control of them easy ( especially the 40 caliber), the safety feature, the loaded indicator, the compactness, and the short reset of the triggers. I was disappointed in the trigger on the 9mm but very happy with the trigger on the 40 caliber. As I shoot it more, the 40 caliber will probably replace my Glock 40 as one of my carry pistols.
    My FNS 40 is one very nice pistol!
    I would be interested in others shooting impressions.

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    I bought two as well, except I purchased a FNX-40 and FNS-9mm. I tested the trigger over an over at my dealer against many other pistols. PPQ was a back to back comparison and both triggers broke extremely clean. Out of all the polymer pistols I own or tested, the PPQ and FNS were the gold standard. The FNX-40 also had a excelent trigger but being a double action pistol, it has a different feel. The FNX-40 has a cleaner trigger than any of my HK USP guns. I am told both pistols triggers improve with use. That will surely make them THE best polymer triggers currently. I too am a 1911 guy, shooting IPSC and IDPA. Both FHN guns are designed for 1911 shooters. The FNX-40 mirrors my safty thumb sweep exactly. I also have a very high grip and I can get a very high grip on both FNH pistols. Both become a extension on my arm and point naturally. It's a tactical drill dream pistol. I found BLackhawks leather Springfield XD holster size 15 fits both of my FNH guns perfectly.
    I shoot my Glocks well but I know I can shoot the FNH better and I too like a external safty. The triggers are much better than my Glocks that have a trigger job. The FNH feels much more improved and advanced over the Glock that hasn't been changed that much since its birth. It's second nature comming from doing drills for years with a 1911 t o the FNX FNS. Both guns felt thinner and carried better than the Glock. I am carrying a hi capacity gun that feels like a small to mid size gun. My FXS with 18 rounds feels like a Glock 26 in my waistband holster. I feel FNH has designed my perfect polymer pistol. I am embarrassed to say that for years I over looked FNH pistols. I considered them big and bulky 45acp military pistols and I wasn't looking for that at the time. I currently own HK, SIG, Glock,Taurus, Kimber,Ruger, S&W, Kimber. What brands I don't have, I probably did have and traded them off. FNH has really hit it out of the park. I think after you own many other brands, you really see how good these new FNH pistols are. I get a few gun magazines and FNH under sells both these pistols. Every other page is a hyped add for Springfield XD or Glock. I hardly ever see a FNH add. I know FHN reputation in military and law enforcement is outstanding. They just don't hype their guns to the consumer market like other brands. I will buy more.........(don't tell my wife).

    FYI...I never buy two guns at the same time unless I am in love....
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    From other posts on the FNSs, and just from reading yours (thanks for posting), it seems that not all the triggers were created equal. Sadly, I still have not had the chance to test the FNS out, or even check it out. I have not seen it around here. I'll look harder.

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    blueorison, I was able to handle an FNS 9mm yesterday and just from dry firing it, I am sold. I've fired many different pistols from DA/SA's, SA's and striker fired and the FNS felt phenomenal. I know what my next purchase is going to be.

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    Great reviews, fellers. Thanks!

    Haven't shot a 9mm yet, but the 40 I tested a while back had an excellent trigger. Not quite as good as my carry Glock, but I've done a lot of work on that to get it where I want it to be.

    The FNS 9 will be my first purchase when our shop opens shortly.

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