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Thread: FNS-9 Ambidextrous Magazine Release Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIKEYFNS View Post
    Wow this was the thread I was looking for . I was shooting a USPSA match on Thursday , it's the first stage I go up , load and make ready , (BUZZER) , Draw , PLUNK mag is on the deck!!!. I had no idea why that had happened , I figured it was because the mag was loaded to capacity.
    MIKEYFNS: Buddy, I thought of this very thing happening. My wife was at the range with me last Saturday when the last few occurrences of the dreaded ambi-mag-drop happened and she looked at me and said, "That needs to be addressed. What if that happens on the street or even in a match?"

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    As far as the trigger it's more to clean up the inconsistent break. I believe it lightens it a lil. But main concern is the break is not always the same poundage.

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    Unfortunately, you'd lose at both. The former being far worse than the latter.
    FN FNS-40

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall Dillon View Post
    I have 3,850 rounds through my daily carry FNS-9. I love the gun but I've accidentally hit the ambi-mag release on the right side of the gun 5 times in those 3,850 rounds causing the magazine to be spit into the ground in front of my feet. Luckily this happened on the range every time and not in a "situation".

    I'm a right handed shooter and use a high thumbs forward grip. My left hand grip when shooting .20 - .25 second splits gets tight and squeezes on top of my shooting hand causing the accidental mag drop mid string. I know this doesn't sound like a lot of times in nearly 4,000 rounds but I can't have that happening on a gun that I carry daily.

    I called FN and they told me they don't make a non-ambi mag release and weren't aware of anybody that does. I called Midwest Gun Works in Missouri thinking maybe they would know of someone that makes one or have some suggestions for me. They weren't aware of anybody making a non-ambi mag release and thought that taking a Dremel to the mag release may be the way to go.

    So...off to the work bench we went. I removed the mag release to do the work. Works like a charm now!
    Dude you are my HERO.

    I've been shooting my FNS guns for years but I recently got very defensive shooting focused and all of a sudden I was droppiung mags at least 1 out of every hundred rounds. I could not for the life of my diagnose with dry fire what was going wrong, I've had like 2 weeks of sleepless nights trying to decide if I needed to sell all four of my favorite guns.

    While I hate bubbaing my guns, this seems like the only solution in existence.

    Get your **** together FNH, this is my only gripe with you ever but it's a big one.

    I registered on this forum to post this. Also this forum has the absolute worst most stringent password requirements I've ever encountered.

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    You solved your problem, well done, and nice clean job...

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