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Thread: Paddle Holster for 9c?

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    Paddle Holster for 9c?

    Anybody know of a decent paddle holster being made for the compacts? I've seen the safariland 578 gls, but I don't know how good of a fit you can get with it.

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    I purchased a safariland 576 gls for a 9c. I think its the same as the 578 except belt vs paddle. I would not recommend it for the compact. The 9c seats to deep into the holster, however, when I run the full size FNS 9 it fits like glove.
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    The Safariland 6378 series paddle/belt slide holster works well also. It is just over a 1/4" longer than the slide though. It is made for the full size FNS but the compact works well

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