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Thread: FNX .357 Sig and .400 Corbon Questions

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    FNX .357 Sig and .400 Corbon Questions

    I posted these questions on a general gun forum and didn't get many hits. So I guess this is a good excuse to join the FN Forum.

    Has anyone tried the conversion barrels for .357 Sig or .400 Corbon in the FNX-40 and FNX-45, respectively? I had heard that large double-stack magazines can pose feeding problems (especially for the .400 Corbon) and it doesn't get much bigger than the FNX. If you or someone you know has experience with these conversions, I'd love to read about it. Mainly, how reliable are they? Are they enjoyable to shoot? Would you trust your converted FNX for carry or is it just a range toy? Are there any particular issues that stand out (besides ammo cost and availability)? Any other thoughts on the topic would certainly be welcome. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum Cosmodragon. I don't have an answer for your question but someone will come along with some info on this one maybe.
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    Thanks! So far we've got one hit in the other forum and it was a positive review of the .357 Sig conversion. I haven't seen anything on the web that gives me cause to worry about that one. I just want to hear from people who've actually done it.

    I called EFK and spoke with Kim. Not surprisingly, she had a lot of confidence in the product and hadn't heard of any problems. Seriously though, she seemed honest enough and had a good sense of humor. She said that the .357 Sig version has been popular and she hasn't seen any returns or complaints. Unfortunately, she also hadn't seen or heard much regarding the .400 Corbon barrel. She told me that in any case, they'd stand by their product if there was a problem.

    I'll probably pick up the .357 Sig version but I've got to think about the .400 Corbon. The idea is compelling: achieving 10mm power levels with moderate recoil in a high-capacity DA/SA gun. Of course, it's only good as far as it actually works. I'm hoping we'll find some folks who've tried it!

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