Got My FNX 45T back from FN, have Roll Pin Backstraps!

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Thread: Got My FNX 45T back from FN, have Roll Pin Backstraps!

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    Got My FNX 45T back from FN, have Roll Pin Backstraps!

    I sent my FNX 45T to FN on 20APR, got it back today, 11MAY (21 days!). I have to say that the turnaround time was awesome, and the customer service experience was amazing. I'd heard negative things about FN's customer service, but with this experience, my next pistol will definitely be an FN. They called me to let me know that the repair was complete, and a few days later I received a call to ensure that I had my tracking number and would be available to sign for the package (I did request this). Great customer service.

    My complaint was that the retention tab for the backstrap had failed and bent back on itself. They sent it back with 4 new backstraps, with a tapped hole for a 5/64" roll pin. I don't have the punch to remove the backstrap, to see what the actual frame looks like. I'll post pictures of that when I get the punch in the mail, if anyone is interested. This is the original frame that I sent to them. The backstraps have the hole (and the indentation) for the original-style retention tab, so these are definitely re-purposed. Still pretty awesome. The backstrap has zero play in it. Doesn't budge. Here's some pictures.

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    That's good to hear, thanks for sharing some positivity. Chalk one up for FN sounds like.

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