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Thread: Scratch on ejection port

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    Scratch on ejection port

    As the title says, just took my new FNX9 out for the first time and got a big surprise. Seems like after the first 75 rounds that the gun developed a scratch on the ejection port. Was shooting some defensive ammo , reg 115gr. ammo, 115GR.hp's. Had abiut 5 or so shell eject toward my head. Called FN and they had me send in a picture of the mark. It's not anything you can feel , but it's nothing that can be removed either. Any answers. Thanks in advance. Ralph

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    Post some pics here. But I suspect it's normal. Most semi pistols I've own get marked up on the barrel above the chamber after first hundred shots. You're fine as long as it's not gouged.
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    Just a guess, but is the "scratch" on the angled surface in the middle of the ejection port?
    If so, then it's most likely just some of the casing rubbing off on the coating.
    looks like a scratch but isn't. Especially when you shot nickel plated brass.
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