Shot my first steel match with my FNX-9...

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    Shot my first steel match with my FNX-9...

    and I wish I had preformed as well as the gun! Not one issue or hiccup all day. (150 rounds at the most) It's safe to say that's the most fun I've had shooting in my short career and will be going to as many matches as possible in the future. I used the "shooters pack" holster (from BladeTech) and mag pouch which also functioned like a dream.

    Anybody have some good tips to improve my times?

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    practice point shooting for close range targets

    Work within your field of view. Don't look down at the gun, move the gun in front of your eyes, and hold the magazine well above the target when you reload so you don't loose your sight picture.

    Practice your single shot draw, paying special attention to initial sight alignment. This is primarily important for longer range shooting. When you bring the gun up, you want the sights to line up naturally, and that takes a lot of practice. It can shave several seconds off of each shot.

    Let the gun follow your eyes. try this: Look at a target, and then point at it. It's a natural thing that we can do, so focus on doing it in that order and you should be faster.

    Stance: Put yourself into a fighting stance. Lean forward slightly with your shoulders down, left foot forward, right foot pointed to the right slightly. This automatically aligns your body with the target. You can tweak the stance a little bit to fit your shooting style. It also gives you stability for quicker followup shots.

    Focus on your front sight. Get a good sight picture, and right before you fire, focus on the front sight, and your sight alignment will improve.

    Know your bullet drop. For close range targets, aim at the bottom of the target. Medium range, dead center, and long rang, aim slightly above. Figure out exactly where each round goes at each distance, and KNOW it.

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