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Thread: Holster options for FNX Tactical .45 w/RMR

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    Cleveland Kydex

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Juice View Post
    I'm waiting for mine to come.Hopefully it'll be here in a month.
    Try clevelandkydex.com. I like mine and they offer a number of options for sighte, lights and sides.

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    I ordered a custom holster from Savoy Leather recently. It's not here yet but I added RMR as a feature to integrate into the holster design. I plan on carrying my tactical at least intermittently when it arrives.
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    A slightly different approach: The Wilderness Safepacker concealment holster. I have been using these for a few years with FNX-45T and SIG P226 TACOPS pistols. The LGR (Large Grip Revolver) size will accommodate either gun equipped with both an RMR and a rail mounted laser/light (Insight WL1-AA in my case) along with at least two magazines (one in the gun, one beside the gun) and a pocket for other small items. I hate Kydex so this is the best compromise I could find. I also like the fact that the gun is completely concealed and in addition to carrying on the belt, optional shoulder straps are available for situations where attaching to a belt is not what you want to do. Quality is superb, family operated business with attentive, nice people willing to go the extra mile. Not something that will appeal to the quick draw crowd, but the gun can still be accessed pretty quickly. Also, the gun is big and the holster is even bigger. Ideal for my purposes. YMMV.

    (I would post a link but the last time I did so I was nearly excommunicated from the forum. New here and still not clear on link posting protocol. Google The Wilderness Safepacker)

    EDIT: I dont choose to carry a gun on a routine basis. If I did, it would be a substantially smaller gun than the FNX-45T and it would be carried in a conventional manner in an IWB holster. Open carry has been legal in my state forever, but in 20 years here I have not seen a single instance, so open carry here is likely to bring unwanted attention. This is where the Safepacker shines. It allows a gun to be carried in a concealed, accessible manner without resorting to inconvenient measures to conceal it. Where I find the Saferpacker especially useful is as a holster for an HD gun and magazines. With a shoulder strap option, you can grab it in the middle of the night in your skivvies to go check out something of concern, either inside or outside, and have everything you need. I have a double mag pouch attached to the shoulder strap with one side holding a magazine and the other a Streamlight ProTac flashlight. While the Safepacker for the FNX is necessarily large, they are made in several different sizes (and colors). I have one for a .357 snubby revolver that can pass for a cell phone case. The Safepacker wont meet everyone's needs but its a pretty slick product which covers many bases.
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