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    Finally broke in the FNX .40

    I purchased my bi-tone FNH FNX .40 some time ago. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make it to the handgun range in a long time. I have been keeping track of the Trijicon HD FNX sights, and that was an option I really wanted. Decided to wait to see how it performed at the range before I bought the sights. This was the first hammer fired pistol I ever fired, and the first pistol that was DA/SA. I normally stick to striker fired SA pistols. I am VERY impressed. The DA/SA took a few shots to get used to, as did the long trigger pull. Not in love with the trigger but I do love the ergonomics and the accuracy of the weapon. After a couple mags I had the trigger down pretty well. Ordered the sights tonight. Definitely a keeper. The Crimson Trace CMR-203 is really nice as well, but I may upgrade to the CMR-204. This is my new nightstand pistol. I am very surprised that this pistol is relatively rare in the wild. Most LGS don't stock it, and most people don't have it. No where near the popularity of Glock, XDm, M&P, and Sig. This would be my pick to replace the M9 in the ARMY's handgun trials. Anyways, just wanted to share my experience.

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    Good to hear you're liking it!

    They're nice pistols.

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