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Thread: New guy and ? about DeltaPoint for FNX 45 T.

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    Talked to Leupold this AM.
    If one mills the sight, no warranty.
    If one mills the slide, no warranty.
    Amerigun USA Red Dot Mounts: Trijicon RMR, DeltaPoint, FastFire, Vortex
    makes an adapter plate, but you cannot co-witness unless they install even taller iron sights.
    Not happy.
    A Vortex is supposed to bolt right on, anybody tried it?

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    I did the mod a couple months ago. The information is accurate. I filed down the base and used #5-40 x 5/8" screws. I plan on getting one step up in screws to give it a shot. It seems like it can thread a little deeper. That sucks that there's no warranty from Leupold. Hoping if there are any issues they'll help out even a little. The sight is all aluminum from where you file it, and just seems like extra base material. I have to say that I havent had any issues so far and really happy with the sight. It's a big window and there is cowitness.

    From what I understand the Vortex viper 6 moa will bolt right on. I've seen a few floating around the internet. One person I saw had issues with the screws, but I've contacted Vortex previously about screw problems and they've got me new ones within a week.
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    I chose to add some holes to the slide milling instead of modifying the Deltapoint Pro or milling the slide more. The sight is tight against the back of the milled area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLO View Post
    A little bit of clarification: there are two things you will need to correct in order to mount the DP Pro in the FNX factory milled slide. First, about 1mm of material will need to be shaved off either the DP Pro or the slide. The front of the optic is rounded so there is a point that is about 1mm too long to fit in the factory milled area. Shaving material off the DP Pro is much easier and will not be noticable once it's mounted in the slide. See below.
    Attachment 42091

    The second issue is much easier to solve. Once you shave off the material, the DP Pro's screw holes perfectly line up with the smaller, inside holes of the FNX's milled slide. However, you will need new screws. The screws that come with the FNX are too short and the screws that come with the DP Pro are a metric size. You will need #5-40 x 5/8" long flat head machine screws. Alternatively, you could buy a 5-40 die and run the DP Pro's screws through it and re-cut the threads.

    Definitely not "plug and play" but in my opinion, totally worth it. I'd take the DP Pro over the RMR any day. Small amount of work for the best micro red dot on the market.
    Signed up just to say thank you for this info. Made installing my deltapoint much easier.
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