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Thread: 9mm magazine retainer

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    9mm magazine retainer

    I am a newbie; recently purchased an FNX 9mm. After my first time at the range I decided to clean the weapon to see how dirty it got with the ammo I used.

    I also decided to take down one of the magazines. As I was removing the foot plate I reminded my self of the need to be careful, lest I allowed the retainer to get launched by the magazine spring. Just as I was thinking this, sure enough, the retainer was launched into the abyss that is known as "the basement." After a 20 minute search, alas, I could not find the retainer. I did find some other "lost in the basement" things but not the retainer.

    Any ideas on replacement? The store that I purchased the weapon from did not have the retainer. I sent an email to parts@fnhusa.com but did not receive a reply (it's been about a week.

    Any suggestions? TIA


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    I can't offer you a solution, but can share your pain -- having done similar things myself.

    I usually lose some very small spring that requires a magnifying glass, like those in the S&W 3rd Gen safety/decocker lever!!

    You might try contacting Midwest Gun Works to see if they can get you one (or several). They don't show any right now on their site, but they have more parts than I realized. It may be that one comes when you order the base plate. (That is often the case with some guns.) A call would tell you. It appears that many parts on the FNX and FNS are identical and parts for the FNS may work in the FNX mag, etc. (They seem to be the same -- but the diagrams identify them differently. Compare the FNX parts diagram to the FNS parts diagram, and check the mag components.

    FN Gun Parts
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    Mr. Sherrill, sorry for the late reply. When I went to Midwest's website they had a listing for FNX parts that showed an exploded view. When I hovered over the number for the retainer I was able to click to the part. I ordered 3 (just in case "the basement" swallows another one or two.... Thanks for the info and I will definitely use Midwest Gun Works again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPaul View Post
    I sent an email
    I you want a response use the phone, 1-800-635-1321.
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