Issues with mounting reflex sights on FNX 45 Tactical

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    Issues with mounting reflex sights on FNX 45 Tactical

    Tried to buy and mount a Leupold Delta Point Pro today. Did not work. The screws that came with the Leupold were long enough, but were the wrong thread. The screws that came with my FNX 45 Tactical were correct thread, but were not long enough. In December American Rifleman on page 49 they show a FNX 45 with a Leupold Delta Point. It looks like it has a mounting plate and the screw heads seem to protrude, but as you know by is not the Delta Point PRO!!! The Pro has a larger (thicker) base. So I have emails in to FN and Leupold.......has anyone else ran into this issue??? I also tried a Burris unit and did not have a screw thread issue, just screw length issues. Another question, has anyone tried the Trijicon unit, and if so, which model fit? These magazines imply plug and play, but not so fast.

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    I have the Trijicon RM07 on mine, no fitment issues at all.
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