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    Thinking of selling my 2K

    I bought my 2K during the panic of 2012. Intention was for it to be a collector. Ugly gun but I really like it. But it has some decent value, I dont shoot it and have other expensive guns, BBQ smokers, etc, I want more. Its just been getting shuffled around in my safe for 5 years. Last year I shot 10 rounds through it because "I just had to know". Love the gun, ugly as hell, feels great, but right now I'd rather have cash.

    Anyone looking for a mint one, I have one I'd be willing to part with at a reasonable price ($2,000ish). Black, tactical model purchased in 2012. Original box is mint, but the magazine that came with it ismissing as of this writing. Not sure where it went.

    Price will probably be $2K + whatever fees GB charges.

    Just a heads up if anyone is looking.

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    I look at GB on a daily/weekly basis so I'll keep a lookout for your auction. Does it also have the full tool kit that came with it? What is the model number from the end flap (does it end with a 9000)?


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    if you want to sell it, put an ad in the MarketPlace Forum.
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