Hey man not to jack your thread, but congrats on the new purchase. I was just at a gun show here in CO this past weekend and I just so happened to pick one up with an Impact Case ($289 value) and 6 additional mags brand new in box for under 3k. I have yet to shoot it, was just informed of my army friend that he may be able to get them at the PX so he is going to check with me on tuesday. If he is, I will be selling mine with all the mags, but i want to keep the case and get the one from my buddy as I have a feeling i will be saving myself about 1200 dollars. If not, I will be purchasing a nice red dot for it and some ammo (looking for a used Aimpoint if anyone has one or something equivalent).

Forgot to mention...it was the only FS2000 in the entire show. There were 2 ps90's i did see there aswell, but I have always loved the FS2000.