Sale or Trade for great 3 - 9x40 mm Illuminated Sniper Reticle Riflescope

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Thread: Sale or Trade for great 3 - 9x40 mm Illuminated Sniper Reticle Riflescope

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    Arrow Sale or Trade for great 3 - 9x40 mm Illuminated Sniper Reticle Riflescope

    I have a solid, albeit noticeable (Aluminum) Osprey® 3 - 9x40 mm Sniper Reticle Riflescope in aluminum silver. It kicks ass. Great image, illumination is fully adjustable in red and green and very helpful, not just bells a whistles. It comes with medium mounts and caps. Its just a very solid all around scope good for plinking ith your ISSC, or something you could remove and set on a your real scar in moments with good results. Also, I haven't touched it - its boxed up. So, I will sell this thing to the highest bidder (I think the MSRP comes in around $250 or so) OR, Id work some trades.

    I'll consider anything relevant to what I won, but what Id really like to do is rade my Stock MK22 in BLACK for a stock Mk22 in DESERT, provided is in good working order, has a fully functional stock, and has under a few thousand rounds through it as mine has about 1k (that's negotiable if you've worked out all the bugs and cleaned it). So you get a Brand new Black Mk22 with a Brand new scope, and I get your used but good to go Desert Mk22.

    The 3rd option, which is good becasue it avoids FFL involvement, is a trade for your back-up magazine (in black) for my scope. Id ask for two if you had them to spare and can get more, but I will accept 1 22 rd in black. I cant seem to find these anywhere. So That's my rock bottom offer. You can easily look up the scope which is completely out of production. The black one's were hard to find. Now they're gone. The silver ones have been out of stock for a year. You can make an offer on the scope itself if you like. Pictures to follow.

    Its a lot better looking then you think if you have a real Scar in Gold tones.

    PM or for direct line inquiries.

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    You probably need to move this to the Guns& Gun Items (Non FN)
    Guns & Gun Items For Sale (Non FN)

    You'll need to include your location and pictures of the item
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