FNC with parts, books, looking for the values for resale, see my pics

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    FNC with parts, books, looking for the values for resale, see my pics

    Hope this is the right place to post.
    I have a FNC folder I bought 2nd hand probably 30 years ago.
    I had williams triggers, do a trigger job.
    I have collected parts, books, manuals, trying to see what they may be worth.
    I have someone local (Houston TX) looking to buy a FNC, but will I be able to sell my parts separately, or should I sell as a package?
    I have seen the FNC's going for $3500-3900 on gunbroker, some after market firing pins for 25-29.
    All my parts should be original, have had them 15+ years.
    FNC folder, with trigger job
    2 scope mounts (factory ?)
    1 scope mount with armson OEG
    3 screw in BFA and one port part.
    1 sealed parts kit marked gun south.
    2 firing pins
    2 grip cleaning kits
    couple scrapers
    5 factory manuals
    factory sales flyers, FNC one side, FAL's the other.
    bayonet adapter
    33 page (copy) armorers manual, got this from Vulcan imports years ago, we traded something, I got a readable copy, has most parts of the rifle in schematic, with part numbers, I probably won't sell this copy, but may scan it.

    photobucket more pics: FNC by rsm127810 | Photobucket

    see pictures

    Lt Rec Edited 2.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Randy, since i gave the armorers manual to Chris B (Vulcan imports) for personal use i would like to ask to don't copy it. It is illegal too.
    All your parts look ok to me.
    Good luck on your auction
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