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Thread: Does FN sell Para stocks?

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    Does FN sell Para stocks?

    Looking to see who sells a para stock for the m249. Can't get in touch with FN in over a week to ask, I think they are in the process of moving.
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    They're on Gunbroker all the time.

    CK Bush
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    They "were" on gunbroker all the time u til these 249s' started shipping.

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    Picked one up new in box for $250.00 Guy is sold out for now. And yes they had been around for awhile with nobody buying. Now hard to find them at least in brand new cond.Hopefully FN will put them out soon. But I am also sure it won't be for 250.00 either.11/22/16 There are a few on gun broker today for sale the Savit latest model. I have seen a few tube older style for sale,{noticed they are for airsoft guns} bought a Knights Tri-rail lower pistol grip deal,update: Have had no luck in findng a new in wrap tube para stock, have the Savit and the standard stock, and now a new five pos. However can't locate the older model but for airsoft. stock. so 2017 will be the year of the search.getting a Elcan for it also. It is worse than owning Scar-17's for dress up. Ron K.
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