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Thread: Best sight for new PS-90

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    I have been using a Primary Arms MD-ADS dot sight that is fantastic for the PS90. This weekend I will be trying out my new Holosun HS503GU that has an Eotech style reticle with Aimpoint micro looks and battery life. I think the 65 MOA ring will be useful for compensating for the large height over bore at close range ie. hold between the dot and the ring for good, fast, close range hits. We will see...

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    Hi and welcome. I like the Aimpoint T-1 / 2, they just seem to fit. Go to my web site and you can look at a few different sights, it may help you choose. Design Machine | click on "products" and there are a few pics under each one. If you want to give me a call I'll try to help you all I can.

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    Hard to beat the Mro

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