5.56 suppressor on a PS90 SBR???

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Thread: 5.56 suppressor on a PS90 SBR???

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    5.56 suppressor on a PS90 SBR???

    What do I need to know? Should I not do it? Are 5.56 suppressors too heavy to allow the barrel to move correctly? Will I get lots of blown cases out the ejection port as a result? Am I better off using a 5.56 mini vs full size? Will my stock crack and break? If so, how long can I expect it to last?

    Or should I ignore the internet rumors because they suppress fine with 5.56 suppressors?!?

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    I have used an AAC Evolution 9, a Saker 5.56, and now a Gemtech SAR57 with no issues due to the floating barrel on the PS90 SBR.

    I have not heard of any members having any problems using a can on the PS90 SBR. Now the only issue I know of is with the FiveseveN because it does not like heavy cans, so I think that the weight limit is somewhere around 12oz for the can.

    Shoot it and have fun.
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    I ran a Nitro 30 on my PS90SBR without issue
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    I run an old Huntertown Arms 22 suppressor on mine - works like a champ - probably 500-1000 rounds through it. Honestly, they don't need much - don't think I'd bother with a 556 suppressor - just over-built and heavy. Love the platform because it is light, compact and intuitive. Matt
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    Most people probably run 5.56 cans but as SD9 said, almost any can will work great and be hearing safe. My favorite may be a 3 lug 5.7 can...picture the GT can with a 3 lug mount.

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