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    Heavy duty dry bag waterproof "case" for PS90


    This 40L heavy duty dry bag is basically a perfect fit for the PS90. I bought it just to check it out, and to use as a secondary layer of protection inside my carry case for transportation or long term storage or rainy days.
    [I needed a dry bag anyway, and this one will hold a weekend trip's worth of stuff.]

    The bag is legitimately heavy duty, they weren't exaggerating about that.

    It turns out you could use it as a case if you really want to, although lacking pockets your (now waterproof!) ammo and mags will just be banging around inside the bag. Obviously it doesn't come with foam or padding, so this is clearly not an ideal option, I'm just saying that it is one.
    In addition to the optional shoulder strap attachment, the folded top also forms a sort of ring 6" in diameter and you can just grab that.

    It's $25 + $5 S&H.
    If you've never used camelcamelcamel--you should!--you can verify that the price is good and even set alerts for when it drops to the level you want.

    In the 2nd picture, the muzzle is in the top left and the barrel is angled down and right to the butt which is somewhat visible as a fold/crease.
    DryBag1.jpg Drybag2.jpg

    Note: The bag requires folding down the top 3 times for a waterproof seal, this is why the gun ends up diagonally placed, even though the bag looks plenty big in the 1st pic.

    The original idea was to keep the PS90 in a 26" go bag, and have the dry bag as an option for carrying water.
    Of course the hiking backpack can be used as a discrete carry case or range bag in day-to-day use.

    While all of this worked out great for me, I can never actually leave it in this configuration if I want the PS90 available for home defense.

    Note: The dry bag PS90 is inside the backpack.
    Also, the side pouches are the size of a PS90 magazine.

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    Very nice find.
    AMP PS90 trigger install:
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