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Thread: PS90 Incident repot.

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    I know this is an older thread but ever since I witnessed my step dad take out , >repeatedly<, several very large wild hogs ( many over 300 lbs.) with " nothing but" a 22 LR out of a marlin model 60 I call with a capitol B ...B-S!!!!! GUARANTEE a wild boar is far far tougher to put down than a human. people these days have a tendency towards overkill, I mean do we really -need- nuclear weapons to kill people? NO a decent sized stick will work effectively if aimed properly.
    My mom made some freekin KILLER boar stew with those! and the teeny little 40 grain bullet did the job just fine.
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    Well, I certainly am no expert. But I have my own range, and shoot wood, tires, paper,

    cinder block, and vehicle wheels(Rims with tires,both directly at the side of the rim,

    and through the tread into the center of the rim.)

    For it's size and weight, the 5.7 is impressive to me. Doesn't do so well against a rim,

    only makes a small round dent,but it's a .224 cal, 40 grain projectile.

    Performance against tin cans- it will shoot through

    both sides of six, lined up in a row, when it doesn't tumble too far.

    Initial tests show it damaging one side of a cinder-block, a follow up shot

    will probably penetrate. 3/8" wood gets more damage than 1/2" or 3/4".

    But these tests are neither scientific, nor conclusive.

    They are, however, enough to convince me that it is a VERY viable

    SD gun. IMO, FN don't make no junk. YMMV ...
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