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Thread: New PS90 owner

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    New PS90 owner

    Wow what a gun! Super pleased. Have been wanting one for a long time. Had an expensive watch that I never wear anymore as I have gone the applewatch way... anyway decided to see what it was worth and was soon parted w it at an acceptable cash offer at a jeweler... then on to my LGS in Plano, TX. In and out in 15 mins and with a free 50rd base plate! Shot 200 rds - took about 10 to get my Eotech XPS2-2 sighted in - just effortless. Select fire weapons were in use at this range but my whole section of the range was watching me and ignoring the 3 round bursts from other lanes as I went through 50 rounds in 40 seconds. Even w my cruddy vision the gun put all but 2 fliers in the X ring at 15 yards. I haven't been able to do that in years. Also can't remember a gun where from brand new, w a light cleaning, I took to range and ran through 200 rds without a single malfunction or break in issue of any kind. Wow!

    Will be scouring this forum now for input on mods. Please see other recent post re 922r compliance and Form 1 SBR'ing if you might have input.
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    Congratulations! I'm waiting on my Form 4 approval, for my SBR. Here is my screw up:

    Form 1 Disapproved - Distinction between Form 1 & Form 4

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    Congrats!! Yep she is a special gun. Enjoy!
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    To the Forum! and Congrats! on your new PS90
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    Welcome to the forum, Congrats on the PS90
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    I got mine 2 months ago and feel very much the same, very impressed as well. I'ts the only gun I've owned that's never had any malfunctions at all, not one and iv'e put 1000 or more rounds through it. The engineering of this weapon is impeccable and it's by far my favorite! I got a carbon fiber extended charging handle from bullpup armory which makes charging a lot easier. Carbon fiber side rails from promoted pawn which I mounted a laser/light combo, very light and they look really good. Urban ert sling, these are really ideal in my opinion and very well made, can switch from single point to double point easily and there are many options for patterns. going to get one of the low mounts for a burris fastfire or ACOG but haven't decided which one would work better for me yet.

    I've only grown to like it more the more I use it and I'm sure you will too, the addiction has already begun
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    Welcome to the forum & congrats on your new PS90. I agree with BuckRogers, you should SBR your new PS90! Enjoy!
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    Congrats! Welcome to the PS90 club!
    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
    "If you wish for peace, prepare for war"

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