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Thread: Patience dwindling

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    Wait - what you are looking for will have those few that only purchase/hoard to just flip it to make a few bucks (to each their own)

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    I have spoken to quite a few gun dealers while looking for a 16S, and more than a couple have told me they are convinced that the distributors are sitting on their stock and trickling them out to keep the prices up - especially since now that the election scare is over, this is how they can keep prices up.

    Just one theory...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarMachine View Post
    I have spoken to quite a few gun dealers while looking for a 16S, and more than a couple have told me they are convinced that the distributors are sitting on their stock and trickling them out to keep the prices up - especially since now that the election scare is over, this is how they can keep prices up.

    Just one theory...
    Wholesalers are then sitting on a lot of money tied up in inventory. I seriously doubt that they are. There was another thread that indicated that they're stuck in customs.
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    I see plenty of 17 under 2900 on gb. The prices are slowly coming back down
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    OK, here is my .02 perspective and at the end it may be only .01 worth ?
    I would highly doubt that someone is sitting on those .... when it comes to inventory carrying costs it would be pure insanity to hold on to inventory that they had to pay for... in some sense of justification to increase their " ROC ". At least in my mind.... !
    I may be wrong with the next statement however.... my understanding is that there are a handful of major wholesalers a significant number of smaller FFL's order through these places, there may be additional businesses with contracts & agreements with FHN ( US ) directly that also receive their inventory via FNH but that I would not know 1st hand.

    With the above said , the weapons may be stuck in " customs " or held up somewhere in the supply chain.... but after watching all the threads , talking with different dealers than can sell them in a short period of time.... IF... they could re-stock.... I would handle it this way.
    If HBJim says many are available on GB for $2900..... and I wanted one ( or another one ) !!!! I would simply throw down the cheese and end the misery of waiting.
    I bartered mine up way back when I was a lurker here, it was a package deal, with and ACOG and grip & old mil-surp rounds that I'm still shooting ....
    It may have been $2200 used , it way so clean and barely 100-200 rds down the tube that I couldn't find a fingerprint on it. I paid extra for the acog and ammo and then went back and even scored a total of 5k in old PAK .308 ( 3-4 MOA at best ) just to " seal the deal " !

    Since that original purpose I have spent at least $3500-$4000 ( approx. ) to adjust the weapon to my liking. My point being that the ( $400 max ) over priced initial cost is a small concern if put in perspective especially when trading off wait time for it.

    There is a shortage of PS90's and SCAR's now like I haven't seen.... maybe since sandy hook ???? and that is doubtful .
    I wouldn't hesitate to pay the higher cost verses wait until whenever ?????

    At least you will have a SCAR to stroke ..... !
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    ORIGINALLY POSTED By " akitainu " As soon as my wife lifts our household arms embargo I will have one "

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    There are some black 16s rifles on Gunbroker this a.m. for less than $2500.

    That said, there is no question that getting an FDE one has gotten harder. My LGS here in NC is usually able to get them easily (he got my last one in just a couple days last summer) and the well has been dry for months now.

    But this has happened before (for whatever reason) and always eventually eased up.

    Remind yourself that with Mr. T in the White House we have all the time in the world (well, we have at least 4 years).

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    Thank you all for sharing your perspective on my current dilemma, it is much appreciated. Since posting I have seen quite a few more being put up for sale and have hopes that I'll have my 16s within a couple months. While still searching I've been building up my ammo reserves a couple thousand rounds at a time and trying to determine which optic and mount will best fit my needs. My day will come and soon I will have my "unicorn" in my stable. (I know it's not technically a unicorn because so many 16s do exist but it has been my unobtainium as of recent.

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    As it is said, patience is virtue. You will be rewarded for your wait.

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    I actually picked a used one up at a local shop here in kansas with the help of a family member for around $2600. Even came with a vortec sight. Pic if you're curious. I personally would wait and see if a gem comes up, I waited 2 years to get mine...
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    I have had an FDE 16 on backorder since 12/8/16. I just found out the person in front of me had theirs shipped last week, so now I'm #1 in line. Looks promising right now, but I'm still banking it's going to be another 2-4 months, but worth it on the $$$ savings (to me).

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