After reading many threads about the SCAR rifle quality and reliability issues. My greatest concern is the barrel extension & lower barrel support screws, they are too short and only thread half way into the
barrel extension & lower barrel support. These screws are large enough in diameter and are probably a grade #8 my guess? Fine threads offer more grip surface but they need all the threads they can get to
avoid stripping. If you look inside the barrel extension from the ejection port you can see about 1/8" of threads in the extension that the screw should have threaded into. That is only 1/2 the thickness of the extension walls, the screws should be longer.I will not remove these unless I have a complete set of spares screws and a proper torque wrench. These rifles are not perfect but they are awesome.
My SCAR 16 & 17 FDE are more accurate than my 16 & 17 Black.