new scar 16 l build need help locating parts

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Thread: new scar 16 l build need help locating parts

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    new scar 16 l build need help locating parts

    looking for help to start acquiring parts for SCAR 16l build esp lower... any input? the cheapest one ive seen was 380 stripped... is this for real? and also the 16in barrel assmbly needed. well all parts needed, but im wondering if someone came out with a reasonable part that would be able to accept pmags?

    thanks and let me know... its appreciated.

    just put an FN barrel on my first ar...

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    You'll be hard pressed to put together a rilfe from parts and it would probably cost you more than just buying the whole rifle. Im sure Sarge could chime in and give you some better answers
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    if you're interested, I have a front sight assembly from my 17 for sale $60. I'm pretty sure they are cross compatible.
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    Midwest gun works.

    And the search function is your friend.
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