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Thread: 16s Magazine Options, Pros, Cons, Fixes, Bottom Lines & Pics (hopefully)

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    I've had good luck with D&H mags as well as NHMTG. I don't bother with pmags and the boy reason I have the lancers is that they came with the gun.

    For $10 you cant go wrong.

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    Buy a 25 pack of GI's for $250 and be done with it! AR-15/M16 MAGAZINES | Brownells. or spend $750 for FNH's or $1250 for HK's depending on how much money you have to burn. Personelly, I would use the savings on ammo or accessories, since all three function the same.

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    Another big +1 for plain ol' aluminum mags. I have a good number of D&H and Brownells mags and they simply do what they are supposed to do and do it well.

    I will say I have a few of the Lancer L5 AWM mags and they have no issues. The older L5 do require modification, I believe. I have some but haven't tried them with the SCAR.
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    Check all your mags, especially PMAGS, but check all mags!!

    First thread in the 16S subforum, it's a sticky, at the top, in case search function doesn't work.
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    Fn SCAR magazine PN 98880.

    Good Old GI magazine for $10

    My go to solution as well. Still have PMAGs to beat, but I'm back to metal 20s and 30s.

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