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Thread: Barrel 18" for SCAR 16S Long

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    Barrel 18" for SCAR 16S Long

    Hi, im new here, so dont know if this has been posted earlier.

    Can we buy an 18" barrel for the SCAR 16S ? Where from?

    I noticed they do make the barrel and call it the 16L, it can be seen on the links below:

    FNH USA - Distinct Advantage :: Family of Weapons

    FNH USA - Distinct Advantage :: MK 16 Long


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    Support from FNH as far as offering different barrel lengths and conversion kits is absolutely abysmal. I haven't seen any of those floating around on the net anywhere. If you were looking for a shorter one you would be in the money but the longer Scar barrels are vaporware. Check with aftermarket manufacturers but understand you won't be getting OEM. Good luck in your search.
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    OP, you have a PM.
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    thanks for the headsup.

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