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Thread: SCAR17 what cause failure to feed nose down

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffalo View Post
    Can someone please tell me just what problem the SCAR's were recalled for a few months ago was for?

    August '16 FN Scar 17S Recall

    FN America, LLC is recalling 471 of its FN SCAR® 17S rifles due to the possibility that certain
    products may have been assembled with a bolt that does not meet our hardness specifications.
    Firing may cause catastrophic failure of the rifle

    over a period of time. FN America shipped

    these SCARs July 28 and 29, 2016, and is hoping to contain the issue at the distributor level. In
    the event any of the affected SCARs have been sold to customers, FN America will reach out to
    those customers and
    warn them not to use their FN SCAR® 17S if it is one of the serial numbers

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    Any update on this?

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    Just one more suggestion: I had a feeding problem early in my reloading experience. It turned out the OAL (overall length of the cartridge) was too long and the bullet tips were catching on the end of the mag. (This could also happen if you don't push a properly sized cartridge back in the magazine when you load it, so make sure you push the base of the cartridge back as far as it will go in the magazine when loading the mag.) Factory ammo should not have an OAL problem, but it's a possibility that you should at least rule out. If you have a caliper, make sure the OAL (overall length) of the cartridge is under 2.005.
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    I can't solve the problem per say however... if you have any grandkids, kids that work around your house or even a good neighbors kids... they are a "wiz" at all things phone related. If you reach out in that direction .... they could surely help you get some pics taken and posted up in this thread. It's like 2nd nature .... they may not want to work for a living ...LOL ... but , mastering technology that seems complex to us... they excel at !

    Just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buffalo View Post

    What causes my brand new SCAR 17 to failure to feed, nose down, 50% of the rounds. ( about every other round). I used new Federal Gold 308 ammo. I cleaned and oiled the gun (not oil the gas piston or gas block), the Gas piston rings are properly staggered and gas block is properly set at 12:00. All gas holes are not blocked. It's not the mag as I tried 4 brand new latest version FN factory mags , and its not the ammo as I tried different ammo. Happens when mag is full, or half full. Feeds o.k 100% of the time when the bolt is held back and a new mag is inserted and the bolt is released---but when the bolt is driven back by a round fired- the bolt is not properly feeding the next round, but very other shot "faiis to feed -nose down". Could it be the "bullet button" cause this? I don't think so because its feeds fine when the bolt is pulled back, and mag is inserted and bolt returned it strips off the top cartridge just fine .

    If you own a SCAR 17 and this failure to feed- nose down, happened to you please tell me what caused it, and what you did to fix it.
    I called FN factory gunsmith and he didn't know the cause of my failure to feed but after he verified I have the latest improved FN factory mags he suggested that i shoot 200
    rounds of 7.62 Nato thru it to "break it in". He said the tolerances of the SCAR17 spring is tight. He said even though the factory uses Federal gold because it's the brand of ammo that works the best in the SCAR17 , he said that 7.62 Nato works better than 308 in the SCAR17.
    Sounds like the magazine catch is allowing the mag to droop in the module. Support the baseplate during your next range session and see if that alleviates the issue.

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    Many replied to my previous thread "new SCAR 17 failure to feed" a few weeks ago. Thank you all for the many responses and suggestions--including suggestions of gas problem.
    The problem was the aftermarket bullet button. (apparently either bullets were getting hung up in the mag or the mag was sitting too low). After making it featureless to keep it legal
    I installed the original mag release on it and it now shoots 100% flawlessly and perfectly. Once i discovered the problem was the old bullet button, I then installed a new redlock bullet button on it to keep it legal. LOVE THIS GUN!

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