Barrel finish wearing off around gas block after 80 rounds!

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Thread: Barrel finish wearing off around gas block after 80 rounds!

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    Barrel finish wearing off around gas block after 80 rounds!

    I finally got my my specwar brake mounted after waiting a month for the tango down blocks to get back in stock, which was very easy btw. After cleaning up from the range yesterday I noticed that there is a light ring forming around the front of the gas block where the barrel finish is rubbing off. I only use frog lube to clean so I know if can't be from a harsh chemical. I'm disappointed to say the least I put a claim into FN this afternoon on their warranty claim website for my rifle. I really don't want to send the whole rifle in so maybe they will determine that they can swap out the barrel assembly. Heres a pic and I will keep everyone posted. Just really bummed right now because I love this rifle and the way it shoots.

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    There isn't anything wrong with your rifle. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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    Looks good/normal to me!
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    Looks fine. Stop using that Froglube sh*t.
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    The gas block is a press fit and the barrel is finished before the gas block is pressed on, that is what you are seeing. The press fit removed the finish in that small area, the finish is not wearing off from use and the rest of the barrel finish will be fine.
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