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Thread: Sandman suppressor

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    If you are set on the L I would look at the Rugged Surge as well. Some online reviewers (take that for what it's worth), had the Surge as their top rated 30 cal can for how quiet it is. I believe they have a Scar specific mount as well.

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    The have the new Sandman-K out at a great price right now. Only ads 2.9" to the end of the barrel and they have a SCAR specific mount also.

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    I am running the Sandman S on my SBR 17 with a 1.35 gas jet. Runs perfect and soft. As others have said, it is obnoxious without a can, but I would not want to run without ear pro. Yes the K has came out and has me really wanting to add that to my Ghost and Sandman S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usmchammer View Post
    Well i definitely dont want to make my hearing worse my ears already ring from my military time only real experience with suppressors is on a M4 and they didnt seem to bother me when there suppressed as i dont think i will be doing much standing with this rifle so im thinking i will stick with the L i didnt know you had to adjust the gas either so thats good to know you would think FN would have put an adjustable gas sytem on it like Sig or POF i also didnt know about the flash hider either so i will get that ordered thanks for all the input and help
    Uh, it is adjustable... 2 positions on the regulator + easily swapped out jets.

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