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Thread: Tactical Scope for Scar 17s

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    Tactical Scope for Scar 17s

    Good morning All!

    As per my previous post, I am really struggling on picking an optic for me 17s.
    Most of my hunting and shooting will be within 250 yds. I live in Florida and the landscape is swampy and not wide open. 90% of the time I will be hunting hogs during the evening, and spotlighting them at night VIA a pickup truck.

    Im am trying to keep the price of the optic at or below $1,200. I would prefer something that isnt too large becuase I plan on purchasing a nightvision converter down the road....

    Through this mind bending research I have found a few scopes that I think would fit the uses described above. However, please feel free to give your opinion as "optic shopping" is new to me

    1) Burris 1.5 x 6 - 40mm
    2) Mark 4 1.5 x 5 - 20mm
    3) IOR Valdada 1.5 x 8 - 26mm (cost is a little over $1300 from what I have seen)
    4) Mark 4 2.5 x 8 - 36mm
    5) VX-R Hog 1.25 x 4 - 20mm

    Any and all opinions are welcome!

    Thank you in advance.

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    The Burris MTAC 1.5-6 is where my $ is going. I too am/was new to the optic shopping and wanted the best of both worlds, but by no means have the budget you have set out. While by no means an Acog or Eotech, the mtac seems to be the best middleground IMO. It has a 7.62 reticle and the x6 helps you reach out when you need to. Further the magnification adjustment is pretty beefy for easy grip and twist. I do not yet own this scope, but have read quite a few reviews regarding it and believe it my best option, in my situation (SHTF, plinking) I may down the road get a cheap little UAG reflex sight like below

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    Horus Vision

    in my opinion you aren't going to find a night vision compatible scope in your price range
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    It is a bit of a study in progress. Good luck deciding.
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    Mk 4 2.5-8. You'll like that extra magnification on the range.

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    I have the Mk 4 like djv38. I also have the MTAC on an RFB. If you haven't looked thru a MTAC, you should, the reticile is smaller than you would think from what you see at the online sellers. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine scope and has it's uses but the Mk 4 will serve you better on the 17 IMO.

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    No Nightforce?
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    Don't forget to consider the new Nikon M308: Nikon 4-16x42 M308 Riflescope

    Its reticle is calibrated for the Federal Gold Medal Match 168gr BTHP rounds our Heavy's seem to really like. I have a Bushnell HDMR with the G2DMR reticle on mine, but that is a heavy beast for your intended purpose. I use mine for bench and long range prone matches: Bushnell 3.5-21x50 Elite Tactical 34mm Rifle Scope

    Good luck on your choice and don't forget to post back here with your range report.

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    of the choices listed, I would vote for option 4. You won't be disappointed.
    - SCAR 17S (BLK)
    - SCAR 17S (FDE)
    - LWRC REPR 18" (FDE)
    - Savage 10BA .308
    - Les Baer Premiere II .45ACP
    - M&P 9mm (wifey's)

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    Try this. A great all-purpose scope for a battle rifle, in my opinion -- and designed to be just that -- it works very well through the effective range of the weapon (CQB it acts like a "red dot"; longer ranges it uses a very intuitive ranging system based on 10"/20", or head/torso), and, at least up to 530 yards, the BDC, though designed specifically for 5.56, works just as well with 7.62 (at 147gr, tested with an FN FAL).

    The scope is designed, first and foremost, for quick target acquisition in CQB. Illuminated for low light, the horse shoe acts as a red dot at 1 or 1.5x; in bright light and with no illumination, the black horse shoe reticle is very easy to pick up.

    Manufactured by Light Optics in Japan and using a proprietary / patented reticle from Ed Verdugo, former Special Forces, who also designed many of the sling attachments in use today, it has excellent glass with no distortion that I can find up at 6x. At the $1025 price point (less for military / LE), it is a fantastic, do-it-all optic for a combat rifle like the SCAR. Unlike some of its competitors, it uses low profile capped turrets.

    You can find some outside reviews linked on the site that sells these, Norden Performance.

    I have no connection to Ed or the companies involved in the design or production of the scope. I'm just a guy who did a lot of research and feels like he hit on a great solution for the SCAR.

    This isn't a sniper scope. But then, the SCAR isn't a sniper rifle. This weighs in at about the same weight as many 1-4x24 scopes, doesn't require a magnifier to turn a red dot into a useful distance scope, is night vision compatible, and works very well at all its ranges.

    Couldn't be more happy with the thing.

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