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I'm not sure what you mean "a bit much for a .308".

The type of stock doesn't affect the rifle's ballistic capabilities. It already IS a long range weapon.

Honestly, not much of your reasoning makes sense. You're spending hundreds of dollars for no benefit other than aesthetic appeal. In fact, your gun is arguably losing capability by removing the folding stock. If you want to spend a bunch of money on long range performance, get a Super Scar trigger.

Well what I mean is that I do not like shooting the weapon with the stock folded in and I personal have no need for the folding stock so I changed it. I really did not spend that much on the entire package since I work in a gun shop and only paid 150 for the PRS stock and a hundred for the buffer tube. I also already ordered the Timney trigger for my SCAR which cost me less then 200. Half the things people do to their weapons is purely for the " aesthetic appeal" of the firearm. I have seen and handled the VLTOR stock and I choose to go another direction.

I did not create this post to get bashed for changing MY weapon, I did it because I thought that maybe there where people out there that do not like the standard SCAR stock or the VLTOR stock and wanted some other options. But I do thank you for your input.